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Poetry and spoken word has been a part of Arete Living Art's multimedia shows since inception. At times poetry is presented with interactive video playing the role of poet. Arete Living Arts has also been presenting poetry events since 1996 when Caeser Pink was host of Maxwell's Poetry Society performance night.

Pink Diamond

Mo Beasley

Nile Goddess
Since that time Arete's poetry event have been held at venues such as Downtime, The Stephen Gang Gallery, and The Heather Milburn Salon Space. Among the talented poets that Arete has presented are K-Rob, Pink Diamond, Nile Goddess, Pink Diamond, Brother Earl, Vanessa Hidary, Nacinimod, Sue Moss, and Mo Beasley. Arete also releases CDs of poetry and spoken word recordings.

Heather Milburn

Vanessa Hidary

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