Arete Living Arts offers a program of fiscal sponsorship and artist development to help emerging artists to raise funds and develop their careers.

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?:

To be eligible for most grants an individual must be sponsored by a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit organization. 501c3 status also means that any donations made can be used as a tax deduction by the donor.

Artists chosen to be part of Arete Living Arts' fiscal sponsorship program will be certified to use Arete's 501c3 status to seek grants and donations.

How The Program Works:

Chosen artists will gain the following benefits:

  • Arete Living Arts monitors grant listings and will forward opportunities to sponsored artist that are a good match between grant and artist
  • Arete will provide consulting on the grant writing process
  • Arete will read the final grant proposal and provide feedback
  • In some cases Arete will write the grant for the artist
  • Any donation the artist receives from private donors will be tax deductible
  • The artist gains status by being sponsored by a federally recognized arts organization

How to apply:

To apply for fiscal sponsorship send an artist resume, work samples, and $10 application fee:

Email resume and work samples by clicking here.
(For videos provide a youtube link or mail DVD)

Pay application fee through Paypal:

Artist mediums and work sample requirements:

  • Visual artists: send five to ten digital photos
  • Sculptors: send five to ten digital photos
  • Poets: send up to five pages of double spaced work samples
  • Literature: send up to five pages of double spaced work excerpts
  • Musicians: (we sponsor classical, jazz, folk, and experimental) send an audio CD of four tracks
  • Filmmakers: send a DVD of up to ten minutes of work sample excerpts
  • Theater groups, performance artist, dance troupes, and choreographers: send a DVD of up to ten minutes of work sample excerpts

    How are sponsor candidates chosen?:

    The main criteria for sponsorship is that the artist's work aligns with Arete Living Arts' mission. Geographic location and medium are also a consideration. Arete is looking to sponsor an artist in each medium from every granting district (state and large city).


    If the artist writes and receives a grant or donation Arete Living Arts takes a five per cent commission.

    Rules and Conditions:

  • The sponsorship lasts for a period of two years
  • Sponsorship can be evoked at any time due to inappropriate behavior
  • All grants and donations must be certified by Arete Living Arts (Otherwise the artist, donor, and Arete will get into serious trouble with the IRS)
  • Sponsored artist cannot misrepresent Arete Living Arts or their relationship with Arete Living Arts
  • All grants and donations received by the artist must be used for program under conditions stipulated by the grantee


    For more information call 718-349-1681 or email

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