Music Concerts

Arete Living Arts has presented dozens of music concerts. Music performance is the foundation of Arete's work. Performances have included everything from rock to jazz, classical, folk, and experimental forms. Venues have ranged from small art galleries to large concert halls. Arete's mission is to support and promote emerging musicians who are dedicated to technical and creative excellence.

Pat Cahill

Pat Cahill playing trumpet and stick
Jen Oda

Jen Oda at Penn State University
Ivette Oliveras

Ivette Oliveras at Webster Hall, NYC
Music is the base that Arete's multimedia productions are built on. Often productions begin with music and the other mediums are used as a means to illustrate the message within the music. Musically, Arete artists mix and match musical styles to create new sounds and ideas. As always, Arete strives to support artists who are true to their artistic vision and have a message of value that they express in their music.
Heather Milburn on Violin

Heather Milburn on Violin at The Living Theatre
Gerald Thomas

Gerald Thomas on Alto Sax at The Living Theatre
Lou Terrier on Percussion

Lou Terrier on Percussion at CBGB's Gallery

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